Only truly integrated marketing and advertising
plans can effectively reach fragmented audiences
to create emotional connections.


Programmatic display enables you to serve the right ads,
to the right people, at the right time and, most importantly at the right stage of their product journey.

Just Stuff

Without strategy, content is just stuff.

About Us

Our Story

Follow The Eyes was founded in 2011 when a collective of creative, forward-thinking minds combined their talents and ideas to open a new breed of marketing agency. Our main focus is building a partnership based on trust with our clients. Every one of our clients benefit from the opportunity to align themselves with an agency that delivers strategies to fulfill their business goals and address their pain-points.

Five years ago the media landscape started to fracture and many businesses started wondering how to Follow The Eyes of their customers and how to be relevant at every moment in time. We created our own digital platform to deliver client-focused digital campaigns while providing in-depth reporting and optimizations in real-time (plus 15 minutes). The digital muscle, combined with our years of traditional and social channel marketing experience, allows us to successfully create integrated media campaigns built to deliver!

At Follow The Eyes we focus on the complex world of advertising and marketing so that business owners can focus on being entrepreneurial. We are constantly evolving and expanding in order to best fit the needs of our clients and to stay on the cutting edge of the constantly changing world of digital and traditional marketing.

Our Mission

Drive client success through measurable business goal achievement and customized pain point solutions.
Who We Are

Follow The Eyes is a hybrid advertising agency based in Lima, Ohio. Why a hybrid agency you ask?  We concentrate on the base element strategies employed by experienced marketing agencies. Once we have the direction, design and branding components in place, we evaluate the best execution methods from an advertising agency perspective.

Follow The Eyes believes the use of concise, emotion-based marketing strategies in conjunction with targeted advertising agency media usage allows the client’s message to reach customers and prospects wherever they choose to be, whatever the medium or messaging environment. Only truly integrated marketing/advertising plans can effectively reach these fragmented audiences.

What We Do

We’ve developed a process that intertwines marketing and advertising strategies through a four-step process:

  • First, we conduct research to build a picture of your brand identity.
  • Next, conceptual marketing strategies for your brand/service/message are combined with budgets, timelines, and benchmarks.
  • Then, we distribute your message through various advertising media options such as: broadcast media (television and radio), digital media, social media, and mobile media.
  • Finally, after we deploy the right solutions at the right targets at the right time, we regroup and measure not just whether we are meeting our marketing and advertising goals, but also whether the targets have changed.

What We Offer

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Management
  • Media Buying
  • Analytics
  • Digital Video and Display Advertising
  • Dynamic Search Engine Marketing
  • Web Development

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Our Vision

To stand out amongst our peers as the leader in comprehensive, client-centric marketing/advertising solutions.

Get a partnership with Follow The Eyes started today by contacting us at 800-689-4595.